The Anglesea borefield is one of a number of water sources that can supplement the existing Greater Geelong water supply system in response to dry conditions. Our diverse water supply mix is part of a balanced approach to managing the region’s water resources and providing greater water security.

Our access to groundwater from the Anglesea borefield is governed by a bulk entitlement, issued by the Victorian Government. Under the terms of the bulk entitlement, we are licensed to extract a maximum of 40 million litres per day, 10,000 million litres in any year, and 35,000 million litres in any 5-year period.

The Anglesea borefield operates in conjunction with an extensive environmental monitoring program, which includes community oversight of the monitoring through the Anglesea River Working Group.

Borefield in standby mode

With water storages in a healthy position the Anglesea borefield is currently in standby mode, and the pumps were removed from the bores in June 2023. Barwon Water is not currently extracting any groundwater. To view historical groundwater extraction data, please visit the document library.

Environmental monitoring will continue, even while the borefield is not in use. We are committed to keeping the community informed about the borefield and our monitoring program, and this will continue when the borefield is in standby mode. Join our database for email updates by emailing

More information

You can read more about the role the borefield plays in our region’s water security, and how it is managed to highest environmental standards, in the Document Library section of this page.

If you would like further information or have any questions, please contact our friendly team via or 1300 656 007.

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