Community and stakeholder workshop generates feedback

over 2 years ago

Barwon Water hosted the first of three community and stakeholder workshops on the groundwater licence renewal for the Barwon Downs borefield on in late September.

Attended by local residents and key stakeholders, the workshop provided participants with an opportunity to talk with Barwon Water's Chairman (Jo Plummer) and Managing Director (Tracey Slatter) around a number of key community concerns relating to the borefield.

Participants were then asked to consider and provide feedback on how the borefield should be operated to ensure affordable water security for the region while balancing the needs of the environment. Specifically participants provided feedback on what 'success would look like' and identify strengths and weaknesses across a range of operating regimes.

Feedback from the night included:

  • focusing on remediation and restoriation of the environment (including restoration of Boundary Creek)
  • no pumping
  • finding a balance between the environment and water for the community
  • having early / periodic licence reviews

Barwon Water will hold the second workshop on October 12 and discuss this feedback in further detail.

Barwon Water would like to thank all participants for attending and sharing their insights.

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