Workshop two generates community and stakeholder outcomes for the borefield

over 2 years ago

Last week, Barwon Water Managing Director, senior managers and employees joined 29 community and stakeholder participants in the second workshop to discuss the Barwon Downs borefield groundwater licence renewal.

The evening saw participants share their insights to develop nine core outcomes (end results) along with ideas for how these outcomes could be delivered for the Barwon Downs borefield and surrounding environment. Some of the outcomes shared included:

  • Restoration of community trust
  • Environment protection
  • Sustainable yield
  • Sulphate protection and rehabilitation of local rivers and Big Swamp
  • Aquifer recharge
  • Adaptive licence
  • Monitoring and assessment

For more information on the outcomes, please review the community report.

Barwon Water staff will now work through these outcomes and outline responses to each one. Barwon Water will then meet with the Barwon Downs Community Reference Group to share these responses and gather their responses too.

On November 15, Barwon Water will convene a third and final independently facilitated workshop with the community and stakeholders to share these responses and finalise the community recommendations to support the groundwater licence renewal application for the borefield.

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