Yeodene Swamp study available

over 2 years ago

The Yeodene Swamp study which was commissioned by Barwon Water as part of a comprehensive groundwater monitoring program for the Barwon Downs borefield is now available.

Building on previous technical studies and an improved monitoring program, the Yeodene Swamp study looked at the interaction between groundwater pumping and the drying of the swamp.

The study confirmed releases of acidic water from the swamp into Boundary Creek were largely the result of very dry climatic conditions and groundwater extraction.

This study along with others will inform future discussions with the local community and key stakeholders to help shape our groundwater licence application.

The community has been providing feedback on social, environmental and economic outcomes for the borefield and surrounding environment, including impacts and mitigation options. We have held two community workshops, with a third planned for December 5.