Water You Know!

Who knows where their water comes from?

We’re taking a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to have access to safe, clean drinking water when approximately 2 billion people across the world do not.

Managing Director Tracey Slatter said it was easy to take water for granted, particularly when storage levels are healthy and accessing water is as simple as turning on a tap. However, despite the good storage levels, we face challenges in our region to ensure that our supplies remain secure for present and future generations.

Population growth and the impacts of climate change mean that we need to be careful with the water we have, understand where it comes from and look for opportunities to save water in our daily activities.

“That’s why we’re launching a new webpage that aims to help build our community’s water literacy,” Ms Slatter said.

“The ‘Water You Know’ program is a direct response to feedback we’ve received from customers and our community over the past few years calling for a greater focus on education and awareness about our water supplies.

“We use water dozens of times a day – from the moment we get up and make our morning cuppa to bathing the kids at night, watering the veggies and everything in between. It’s essential for public health, the economy, culture and recreation… there are very few everyday activities that don’t have a link to water in some way.”

Do we give much thought to where that water comes from though or how it gets to our taps?

Water You Know resources provide helpful information on the sources of our water, how it gets to our taps and where it goes after we use it.

“We’re fortunate to have safe, secure water supplies and sewerage services, unlike many countries around the world. On World Water Day, we hope our region’s community will reflect on the importance of water in their lives and visit the Water You Know information on our website to learn more about this precious resource which is an essential building block for all life on earth.”

"Visit the Water You Know site today!"

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