Forrest wastewater investigation project update

7 months ago

Barwon Water has engaged Marsden Jacob Associates to undertake a detailed economic assessment and cost benefit analysis, in consultation with key agencies, local businesses and community members. This project will run until approximately April 2020.

Barwon Water is committed to an ongoing partnership with the Forrest community as we investigate opportunities for wastewater improvements in Forrest.

Whilst we are dedicated to working towards a solution together, we are realistic about the timeframes involved in the investigation and funding of a proposed wastewater scheme. This process may take many years.

We ask for the community to continue to work together with us and Colac Otway Shire on this project in a co-ordinated approach.

Barwon Water and Colac Otway Shire will continue to keep the local community of Forrest and key stakeholders informed about this project.

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