Our Grants program has had a makeover, and we've added a new category so that we can support a wider range of customers and community than ever before.

The new program isn't just about saving water. Our objective is to help fund local projects that enhance our service region. If you are a community group, sporting team, or an event organiser, we encourage you to apply.

Funding from $500 up to $5000 is available for projects which tick one or more of these boxes:

  • Making our community a better place to live
  • Helping people to be active and connected
  • Improving the local environment
  • Encouraging social inclusion
  • Saving water for our region

Applications only open once a year, starting on 1 February 2024 and closing at the end of March.

A banner that says funding for 2024 is now closed. Watch this space for updates on future programs

We offer funding between $500 and $5000 for one off, eligible projects or initiatives within our service region that tick one of these boxes:

  • Making our community a better place to live - for example, creating a new event, public art or expanding local skills.
  • Helping people to be active and connected - for example, rowing lessons, running races or art classes.
  • Improving the local environment - for example, cleaning local waterways, planting trees or tidying parks.
  • Encouraging social inclusion - for example, events that are open to all abilities or sharing cultural experiences.
  • Saving water for the region - for example, recycled water, installing water efficient appliances or capturing and using greywater outdoors.

Your group or event must be located within our service region.

Your group or event can be a registered association, charity, sports team, volunteer group, incorporated body or educational facility.

You must have a bank account in the group or team's name, we cannot pay into private bank accounts.

We can't support groups with links to tobacco, alcohol, gambling, political parties or groups that discriminate against any persons.

Applications will open at 9.00am on 1 February 2024.

An online form will be available for you to complete, otherwise please contact us if you have any difficulties with completing this and a different version will be arranged.